Evidence: for Behaving, Being, Becoming

I don’t seek to understand God, God’s Being, in order to be a good person. I seek to be a good person in order to understand God, God’s Being.

There is no evidence for God to be identified within the universe. The universe itself — in its entirety — is the evidence.

There is no evidence for the existence (Being) of God. Existence (Being) itself is the evidence.

God’s Being is not to be found within the world. Nor is God’s action, God’s Behaving. God’s action is the World. God (or God’s Being) is not synonymous with the world — this is no pantheism of which I speak, wherein relationship is obliterated — but God’s action (God’s Behaving) is. This Behaving that is the World includes its nurturing, its sustaining, its empowering, its liberating, its luring, its beckoning, its challenging. Not fleetingly or discretely or identifiably. Rather, constantly, totally, overwhelmingly.

But it is not primarily God’s action (or Behaving) that we seek to know in our religious or “spiritual” quest in life; that is science’s domain — and partaking in that quest is enthralling and essential, but insufficient. Nor is it God’s Being (or Existence) that we crave; perhaps that is philosophy’s domain — and it too can be seductively entrapping. Rather, it is discovering God’s Becoming (which is interwoven with our Becoming) that more fully describes the goal of authentic religious quest. We must shift our horizons beyond Behaving and beyond Being to Becoming. (Are the three even separable? Are they all dependent upon each other? Does such speculation heretically suggest multiplicity “within” God? Or is Behaving/Being/Becoming a unified, indivisible essence?)

God’s Being coexists with the World’s Being in a sacred I-You relationship — an intrinsic, covenantal, intimate Belonging. The Being that is born out of Behaving coexists in inextricable Belonging. The World belongs to God and God belongs to the World. Each of us is — but is not fully unless in Belonging.

Through the Belonging — of World to God and God to World — arises Becoming. In covenantal Belonging there is no stasis, no certain, stable ground — only the certainty of connection, of attachment. Attached, we are in motion — dancing, growing, maturing, discovering, self-organizing, refining, continually creating and transforming. We — the World and God — are Becoming.

So to what exactly are we attached? The God, the You, to whom we Belong is no substance, no thing, no being. It is Belonging itself, it is Becoming itself. It is the Ineffable.

I don’t seek to be a good person in order to understand God’s Being. I seek to become a better person in order to understand God’s Becoming.

And through that Becoming (of God and of me) — and through the understanding of that Becoming — we intensify the Belonging. “We’re one — but we’re not the same; we get to carry each other, carry each other. One.”


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