About Me

Rabbi Rick Brody
philadelphia, pa

father, spouse, rabbi, educator, theologian, social activist, pluralist, seeker/dreamer, vegan, progressive Zionist, actor, baseball junkie, and sometimes-humorist

My thinking, particularly my theology–which tends to be the focus
of this blog–could be described as a mix of mythical/postmodern/pragmatic/rational/relational/panentheistic

A partial list of influences and inspirations includes
(in no particular order):
Heschel, Kaplan, Buber, Darwin, Jung, Joseph Campbell,
Samuel AlexanderA. Bartlett Giamatti, Shakespeare, Stanislavski,
Neil Gillman, Paul Ricouer, Erich Fromm, and Brad Artson

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5 responses to “About Me

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  4. Rabbi,
    There was obviously something in your presentations…intensely philosophical, in view, that led me to look you up. Interestingly this morning I felt like my head was going to explode by the end of the class. I’ve never had a proclivity toward matters philosophical. Reading about those who influenced you is fascinating. There is diversity but a common thread between their writings and the person appear to be.
    Laurel Weiss

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